I was interviewed by Helen Raptis on AM NW the other morning, and one of her last questions was a good one, and one I hadn't been asked before... how has having children changed your views on helping the world? Having thought about it over the last few days, I must say honestly it's a lot harder than it used to be. The world seems more vital than ever to protect when you have children just barely starting out in it. And yet, the busier you get, the easier it is to put those problems aside and focus on your own. The thing is, since they learn by example - yikes!... I can't give up. She has to see me stop on the street even when we're busy or have our hands full - she has to see me helping and struggling with the ways we can best help -  that's the only way she'll believe me when I say it's important. And maybe the way she'll take part in her own community, a big part, and do even better than I've done.